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Grow Your Own Chocolate

Grow Your Own Chocolate

Yum! If You Have the Patience to Grow Your Own Chocolate.

My favorite, favorite plant greenhouse in the world is located in next door Danielson, Connecticut. Logee's is always an amazing tropical paradise to visit, especially on a cold or rainy day. Can you just imagine growing the following at home? Chocolate. Yum. Well, there is a back list of waiting families for this rare treasure, but add your name to their list!

Byron Martin, is Logee's horticulturist, photographer and one of the owners. Here he is working on a picture of our Theobroma cacao or Chocolate plant that now has three chocolate pods ripening. The yellow pod is almost ready to be plucked. Although, they are on a temporary backorder, this one is worth getting on a waiting list.

Grow you're own Chocolate.

He also, hybridized a Papaya that will be released sometime in the coming year. Here he is preparing it for a photo shoot by striping off the dead leaves. Logee's most popular Papaya is a dwarf variety called T.R. Hovey

Logees can be reached at www.Logees.com

For more gardening ideas: www.gardengreenangels.blogspot.com

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